Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Cat

Last night, I was home alone watching television. I was about halfway through my episode when I looked over to the sliding-glass door that leads out to our backyard, since I saw a flicker of movement. I saw an orange cat peering at me through the glass, and it looked really sad. So I decided I would help the cat, however my stupid dog decided that she wanted to ruin the moment and barked really loud and she scared the cat away. I quickly ran outside to try and catch the cat, however I couldn't seem to find it. I looked all around my house until I finally saw it in my neighbor's yard. It was taunting me, since it knew I couldn't catch it. I tried following it across the creek at the bottom of the road, however it simply jumped across some rocks and was safely on the other side. At that point, I was like, "No cat is worth me getting my Toms wet." I simply turned around and went home. I did feel bad for the cat, but I knew that it didn't want to be with me anyways. In a way, I realized, it was better that I didn't catch the cat, since my parents would not have been pleased to come home to me holding a new cat in my arms. I would end up having to let it go. So even though I didn't intentionally avoid disaster, I ended up evading a whole problem to begin with.

Monday, March 28, 2016

My Spring Break

My spring break was very interesting this year, which is something that I usually can't say. I recently became a host at the restaurant that I work at. So basically when I was working during spring break, I helped work the cash register as part of my job. This part of the job may seem easy, however it is very difficult since you are dealing with people who are grumpy and just want to eat food. However, since they have already eaten by the time they go to pay, they are just grumpy. One man in particular, a very large man, decided to be in a bad mood. When I asked him how his meal was, he replied with a grunt, "The food was cold." He also told me that he ate it all though, and therefore I couldn't give him a refund since he decided to eat all of his food. When I explained to the man why I couldn't give him a refund, he became very angry and wanted to speak to my manager. My manager told him the same thing, and the man angrily handed over the amount of money that he owed. So basically, it was a very interesting first day on the job, however I was able to learn a lot.